2) What common reasons may there be for purchasing travel insurance?

There is a wide variety of reasons why you should get travel insurance. It may come in useful for times when your flight gets cancelled. Or when you lose your luggage. Or for the times when you get sick in a foreigj country.

3) How much do they cost?

There is no single cost for travel insurance premiums. Generally, the premium you have to pay depends on the kind of coverage that you intend to get.

4) Do I always have to purchase only an individual travel insurance plan?

Definitely not. There are a number of insurance companies that offer group insurance plans. These are more economical, too.

5) Is it cheaper to get my travel insurance online?

Yes, generally it is cheaper to get your plans directly from the companies themselves and through an online application process.

6) Is it more expensive to purchase travel insurance from travel agents and airlines?

Yes, this is usually the case. The reason for this is that agents and airlines usually have high charges to cover the amount of their commissions.

7) Do I really have to have a travel insurance?

If the above reasons stated are important to you, then the answer is yes. You cannot stress enough the importane of getting travel insurance. It’s really a matter of forward thinking.

8) What else do I have to pay attention to, once I get my policy?

Always remember to read the fine print. Do not ignore the important Terms and Regulations being stipulated in your policy. Usually this is something people miss reading, and it’s a lapse which they regret afterwards. Don’t be one of those people.